Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Everyone's revised boards are great. Great job guys!!!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gabriel Gonzalez Revisions

Fixed the spacing on my layouts, I think they feel better now.

Lara Colson - Revisions

Fonts have been adjusted to be less boring & distracting.

Nina Modaffari Revisions


I believe many of the issues were with this particular one. I fluffed up the chair a bit without making it look too casual, and added some armrests so she isn't putting her arms on edges of metal. I also shifted the chair a bit so it wasn't clashing into the border. 

Connie Barrett - Revisions

-Page layout and design for all pages
-Gun concept per critique feedback
-Fogmaker concept per critique feedback
-Oratorium concept per critique feedback

I wanted to revise the lectern design too, but I have no time left :(  Sorry.

Final Presentation (Revised) - Crystal Miranda